Friday, June 19, 2009

For Your Consideration / Speculation

So, I was browsing the internet for my much needed fix of weirdness and I came across this little gem of a photo over at I think this is a very intriguing situation that has been presented. There are two new crop formations in the image, but also, there is a ghost formation that still lingers from the year previous. If all formations are being produced through mechanical means ( board and rope ) then what is the mechanism in that process that alters the soil in such a way that it still modifies the growth of the crops a year later? Where's an easy answer from Occam's razor when you need it? There doesn't seem to be any simple conclusion here.

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  1. Hey great new blog!
    you might want to check this research team
    they go into soil analysis, and how the crop is heated
    yeah guys with boards, that’s rich
    and we still don’t know how the pyramids are made